About FinCARE Global

The FinCARE® acronym stands for Financial Coaching, Aid & Resilience Education.

In August 2019,  FinCARE Global Pte Ltd was incorporated as a social enterprise and become a member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) to enhance the scope of services and training:

  •  Providing affordable Financial Wellness programmes (Education & Coaching)

  •  Promoting Financial Aid and Volunteerism

  •  Engaging the public through community projects that are Consistent, Sustainable and Scalable


FinCARE® started in 2013 as a financial wellness outreach program with volunteers from the financial services industry who  perform pro-bono service. Our strategic partners have been the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF), Fei Yue Community Services (FYCS) and Safe Place. The financial education programmes conduct via family service centres for vulnerable families was sponsored by Wealth College.

FinCARE® continue to identify with social service organisation that it can assist by providing financial coaching and financial education. Our projects must essentially meet 3 criteria:


  1. Consistent – delivery of services to the clients through the community partners must be fairly standardized and structured so that these services can be easily replicated.

  2. Sustainable – projects are to be realistic in terms of its goals and objectives. They are likely to last for a long time without undue pressure on the volunteers/community partners to grow at a specific pace or within a specific time frame.

  3. Scalable – to be able to reach a wide spectrum of needs in society, projects must have the ability to be adapted and modified for different age groups or walks of life with relative ease. This way, volunteers/community partners can undertake the growing needs of the projects.



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