The Team

Council of Advisors
The Council appointed is to provide good counsel and guidance in strategic direction and planning. The council includes professionals or chief officers from business enterprises, professional associations or trade bodies; non-government organisations and social service organisations.

Working Committee
A community services group oversees the planning and execution of projects. This involves identifying new partners, projects and promoting the concept of FinCARE volunteerism. The committee ensures that volunteers are properly trained and audited before they are deployed to participate in projects.

Volunteers Audit
We take volunteerism seriously. While we strive to find the most suitable candidates, we are mindful to the needs and requests of our strategic partners. We have to act responsibly to those who are entrusted to our care; volunteers must abide to FinCARE policies and procedural guidelines.

Our desire is to attract the best team members (not necessarily the most talented) but those who are willing to put in the necessary time and resources to make every project functional. It is critical for each member to contribute in the best way possible.

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