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Financial Coaching for Success I

This course will teach you techniques to build trust with your client for business growth opportunities. You will learn the fundamentals of financial psychology and how to ask meaningful questions to help your clients succeed and trust you.

Learning outcomes:

How to effectively position yourself as a trusted professional

Know the financial coaching jorney to financial wellness (FinCARE Model)

Understand the financial services landscape today (High-tech, High-touch, Trust gap)

Understand the role of financial psychology and tools

Acquire financial coaching skills to generate meaningful conversations

Uncover what factors affect financial decisions (Wheel of LiFE) and how they are made

Use powerful conversational templates to guide your engagements

Develop lasting relationships with clients, build on trust, for business growth

Discover how to ask powerful questions, active listening that builds "trust-bridges"

Program Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Financial Coaching


Industry Focus


Definitions and Concepts

  • Concept of Financial Wellness (FinCARE® Model)

  • 4 Steps to Financial Wellness

  • 7R’s of Financial Coaching

  • Rules of Engagement & Ethics in Financial Coaching



Lesson 2: Foundations in Financial Psychology I


Consumer Focus​

  • Understanding How People Think and Feel about Money

  • Learning How Financial Decisions are Made

  • How Changes occur in Financial Decisions

  • Role of Financial Psychology and Profiling Tools

  • Case Studies and Exercise



Lesson 3: Foundations in Financial Psychology II


Consumer Focus​

  • Recognising Different Profile ‘Types’ and ‘Dimensions’

  • Conversational Triggers for Effective Engagements

  • Case Studies and Role Play

Day 2

Lesson 4: Financial Coaching Process I



  • The Power of the Right Questions

  • Introducing the GROW Model

  • The Art of Active Listening

  • Creating Meaningful Financial Conversations

  • Case Studies and/or Role Play


Lesson 5: Financial Coaching Process II



  • Financial Coaching Documentation

  • Introducing the Wheel of LiFE®

  • Understanding Potential Roadblocks and Opportunities for Financial Coaching

  • Case Studies and/or Role Play


Lesson 6: Financial Coaching Process III


  • Introducing the One Page LiFE® Blueprint (OPLB)

  • Understanding the Client’s Total Financial Position

  • Financial Coaching Fact-Find

  • Creating a Comprehensive 360-OPLB

  • Case Studies and/or Role Play

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