Let's Talk About Financial Wellness

At The Workplace

Our Goal:

A world where Everyone is Financially Well.

Financial Wellness Definition:

A person who is financially well:

Has sufficient financial resources for emergencies

Has a roadmap to achieve long-term financial goals

Has a vital

risk management plan

Has a manageable amount of debt

Lives a lifestyle within one’s financial capacity

Has an ongoing and giving estate plan

Has access to information and tools to make better financial decisions

Why it matters:

It affects Productivity

  • Employees that are financially stressed are less productive and have higher rates of absenteeism

Quick set-up guide:

  • Find out how to set up a simple and low-cost financial wellness program to jump-start the financial health of your workforce



We help your workforce become financially well


Learn how to help your clients become financially well

MoneyLiFE™ is a psychometric tool developed by leading psychologists and financial experts. It enables users to understand how they think and feel about money to make better financial choices


Understand how you think and feel about money

We empower communities to make better money decisions




About Us

FinCARE Global Pte Ltd is the Social Enterprise registered with raiSE.sg. It is committed to providing affordable financial wellness tools and programs to individuals, companies, and organizations via technology or through facilitated 'live' financial coaching. Formerly the social service outreach of Wealth Hub Pte Ltd, it was successfully spun off as a social enterprise in August 2019.


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